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Military Forces. The National Guard. Construction Contractors. Civilians. They all share a common thread. When power supplies are cut off - or not available at all - human instinct takes over to rapidly generate power. Whether at war in distant lands; helping with disaster relief efforts; or, building a structure at a remote site, we all rely on power in times of need. That's when X3 ENERGY goes to work.

X3 ENERGY offers two portable power systems - the
X3-20 and the X3 Mobile 50. Both models generate power through a combination of solar panels, a fuel-powered generator, and an integrated wind turbine. Energy is stored in deep cell battery banks. The X3-20 platform is constructed from an ISO shipping container while the Mobile 50 is engineered to operate from a trailer chassis. Either portable power system can be manufactured to meet customer specifications.

X3 ENERGY is a division of Van Straten Enterprises. Established in 1964 and HUBZone Certified (#36199), Van Straten Enterprises is one of Michigan's premier metal fabricators. Known for quality craftsmanship, Van Straten Enterprises is also a preferred contract manufacturer for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. OEM's choose Van Straten for complex fabrication and JIT delivery of product.

Contact X3 ENERGY HERE or call direct at (906) 395-7131.


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