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Remote locations and construction sites that require power and lighting can have a reliable source of green energy with the X3 ENERGY Mobile 50. Easily deployed and retrieved by pickup or large SUV, it supports a self-raising 5-10kW Slipstream wind turbine generator system. For locations with steady wind, the turbine generator alone can be deployed to provide steady power with wind speeds as low as 5 mph. Three optional storage battery banks can be included to provide 72 hours of continuous power without wind. A fuel-powered industrial generator is also an option, offering users absolute confidence in electrical delivery at sites with insufficient wind.
The Mobile 50 delivers continuous power to operate lights, construction equipment, surveillance cameras, pumps, electronics or radio transmission towers. The integrated light bar provides illumination over a wide area with four 1000W metal halide lamps. Power output includes both AC and DC power. Connections for 12-24V DC satisfy the electrical needs of automotive or aircraft batteries, cell phones and other DC equipment. AC power options include 120/240/480V single or three-phase power, 50Hz and 60Hz for operation at any global location.
Turbine generator
Turbine generator (with storage)
Turbine generator with storage and
fuel-powered generator

The X3 ENERGY Mobile 50, when configured with battery banks and generator, features a "smart" power controller that engages the generator only when the batteries are low and wind speeds are insufficient to charge. By carefully managing the generator operation, minimal fuel is consumed and renewable wind power is maximized. In locations where a computer network is powered with an Internet connection, the Mobile 50 smart controls can upload real time status of the turbine operation and battery condition.


The Mobile 50 comes with a self-deploying hydraulic mast. This allows a single person to set the outriggers and deploy the mast immediately upon arrival to the site requiring power. Likewise, the mast can easily be folded and locked down for transportation after grid power is restored.


The Mobile 50 is 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. X3 ENERGY uses only the finest materials and industry-standard components. This ensures that your Mobile 50 will provide reliable power generation for years to come with minimum annual maintenance. The Mobile 50 ships by common carrier truck for delivery anywhere in North America. International inquiries are welcome and X3 ENERGY can arrange air or surface delivery to the other six continents.

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