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The X3-20 Portable Power System delivers sustainable power to remote and emergency locations. The integrated turbine, solar cells and fuel-powered industrial generator offer an unprecedented combination of resources to operations conducted off the power grid or in disaster areas. The X3-20 delivers continuous 20kW power to operate households, pumps, hospital equipment, electronics or radio transmission towers. The power from the solar cells and the wind turbine is accumulated into a large bank of batteries capable of delivering hours of load without recharge. The generator is automatically engaged if solar and wind resources are limited.
• Self-erecting wind turbine
• Solar cells with expansion capacity
• Industrial fuel-powered generator

The X3-20 solar cells fold up during shipping and the turbine mast is hydraulically lowered and raised in a matter of minutes. The X3-20 can deliver power immediately upon arrival. 

When continuous power is needed, the X3-20 can be deployed quickly via truck, rail or ship. Using a standard ISO shipping container as the main platform, the X3-20 is uniquely portable, robust and reliable. 
When the X3-20 arrives on site, users have only a few steps to complete before power is available. 
• Set the outriggers
• Engage the hydraulics to raise the turbine mast
• Unfold the solar cells, connect expansion panels
• Close the main power disconnect
• Connect to local grid or plug directly into the X3-20
  The X3-20 Portable
Power System has a
self-deployed hydraulic
tower and wind turbine
that can be lowered
and stored on the roof
of the container.

The X3-20 Portable Power System has a wind turbine capable of power generation up to 12kW.The turbine can deliver direct power or charge batteries when load is limited. Features include: 

• Expanded operational range
• Self-deployed hydraulic folding tower
• Concurrent operation with solar cells


X3 ENERGY uses an industrial grade generator on the X3-20 system. Capable of 100% duty cycle, this integrated 20kW fuel-powered generator will engage automatically if renewable generation is insufficient.

• Available in Diesel, Natural Gas, LP or Gas
• Generator “smart” controls manage all three
• power sources automatically.


The X3-20 solar cells operate in parallel with the wind turbine. Additional solar panels can be connected for full 20kW generation. Features include:

• Integrated 5kw solar cells
• Maintenance charge power
• Expandable to 20kW
• Frames fold during transport


• 20kW output through inverters
• 48V deep cell batteries


• DC 12-24V for autos/airplanes
• DC power passes through inverter
• for clean AC power
• AC 120/208/240/480 Volt
• Single phase or three phase
• 50 Hz or 60 Hz

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